Interval Training

“The proper use of interval work will unquestionably increase the athlete’s cardiovascular development and stamina… These workouts will increase the athlete’s ability to compete with oxygen debt, push his body in a state of fatigue, and increases the ability to set a fast ring pace because of his knowledge of his measured endurance.”1

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The Importance of Trainers

“…[N]obody is as important to a fighter as his trainer.  It is the trainer who is with you on some lonely road in the middle of nowhere before the sun has peeked over the mountains, running with you or driving besides you, pushing you beyond exhaustion to exhilaration.  It is the trainer who analyzes your opponent and designs your strategy.  It the trainer who runs your sparring sessions, determining the number of rounds, the weapons in your arsenal to be tested, and the sparring partners best suited to administer that test.”

- Oscar de la Hoya1

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Density Training

Density training is an advanced form of endurance and mental toughness training used by many professional boxers.  The concept behind it is diametrically opposed to how bodybuilding exercises are performed.  Rather than setting a goal of how many reps to do of a lifting exercise (ex. 12 reps of 100 lbs. with no time limit), the goal in density training is to maximize either the number of reps done within a set time period or minimize the time it takes to perform a given number of reps.  For instance, a boxer could set a time limit of 90 seconds and see how many times he can hit a tire with a sledgehammer.  At successive workouts, he will attempt to beat his prior record.

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