Bag Gloves

Most casual boxing fans don’t realize that there are actually several types of boxing gloves.  Here we will discuss the most common type: bag gloves.  Short for heavy bag gloves, bag gloves are usually anywhere from seven to twelve ounces, though it is not that unusual to see fourteen or even sixteen ounce bag gloves.  As you might have guessed from the name, these gloves are typically used for the heavy bag.  They are also worn when hitting the punch mitts.

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Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are typically heavier than bag gloves and are meant to absorb impact better.  These typically start at around eighteen ounces and can reach twenty two ounces.  (As opposed to bag gloves which often top out at fourteen to sixteen ounces.)

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Headgear is typically associated with sparring sessions. It is a padded protective helmet that is also required during amateur bouts. Headgear used for sparring typically has more padding than that used in amateur competition. Sparring headgear normally covers the forehead and sides of the head, though there are also varieties which cover the cheeks. A fighter can also wear sparring headgear that has a facebar across the nose and mouth.

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