Unlike normal sneakers, boxing shoes usually come up to the calf muscle in order to provide ankle support and prevent ankle sprains.  The last thing you want to think about when fighting is twisting your ankle.  You will enough to think about when sparring or fighting.

Boxing shoes also provide good traction but don’t stick to the floor like a sneaker might.  Traction is important for several reasons.  The most important reason is obviously so that you don’t slip after getting hit or pushed by your opponent. Another reason is to prevent your foot from sliding while you are pivoting off of the ball of your foot during a power punch.

Your boxing shoe should be made of a lightweight material since you’ll most likely be jumping rope in them either as a warm up or a cool down.  More importantly you don’t want them slowing down your footwork.  Footwork is one of most underappreciated nuances of boxing from a casual fan’s perspective.  If you are a high level fighter, however, you would know and understand why footwork drills are performed extensively during the early part of your career.  Good footwork helps you stay out of trouble, maintain balance, and avoid getting knocked down when hit.  Using footwork to stay just out of range of your opponent can even help you dodge punches without much effort.  Therefore, don’t underestimate the importance of good boxing shoes.

These days boxing shoes have evolved from the basic black or white high top.  They come in a wide assortment of colors in order to match different types of trunks.  Some even have tassels for extra showmanship.  Looking good in the ring can add a certain measure of confidence, but ideally you would first be able to showboat your skills before you showed off your flashy kicks.  The Main Event line of boxing shoes as a great selection of boxing shoes if you feel like being flashy.

It has been said that as your boxing skills improve, you will feel less and less comfortable wearing sneakers while boxing.  Therefore, if you are serious about boxing then you should definitely invest in a quality pair of boxing shoes. 

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