Besides gloves, a good pair of handwraps is most important piece of equipment used for training in a boxer’s arsenal.

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Boxing Shoes

Unlike normal sneakers, boxing shoes usually come up to the calf muscle in order to provide ankle support and prevent ankle sprains.  The last thing you want to think about when fighting is twisting your ankle.  You will enough to think about when sparring or fighting.

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Boxing Trunks

Boxing trunks are made specifically for boxing. Danna Scott says, “The special cut of the trunks fits a man’s groin protector, and the extra-wide waistband is used as a marker against low blows.”1

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Mouthguards are hard pieces of rubber that are usually form-fitted to your teeth.  Most professionals and serious fighters have them custom-made from a specialist dentist.  However, you can opt to use the generic variety that you can make yourself.

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Protective Cup

The protective cup is a large, padded protector that helps to absorb the force of punches taken on the hips and groin area.  This isn’t anything like a Little League cup.

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