Heavy Bag

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The heavy bag is a long, cylinder shaped bag that is usually suspended from ceiling by a chain.  Sometimes heavy bags are mounted on the floor, and held in place by a base weighted with either sand or water.  Normally, a boxer would prefer the ceiling suspended bags because the swaying of the bag forces him to react by moving out of the way or towards the bag, thus emulating an opponent.  Heavy bags are normally made of leather and are filled with fibrous material or water.  Bags typically weigh from 50 to 150 pounds, but some heavyweights are known to use much heavier bags.  (It was rumored that Mike Tyson hit bags up to 300 pounds.)  You should be careful when hitting brand new bags as they have not yet been softened by constant pounding.

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Punch Mitts

Punch mitts are also called striking mitts, focus mitts, punch pads, or hand pads.  These are large rubber pads worn over the hands that protect a trainer from the force of the blows they are catching. 

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Maize Ball

The maize ball is shaped like a speed bag, except rather than being swelled by an air bladder, the maize bag is filled with granules that give it weight.  It is suspended to the ceiling with a chain, and its weight allows it to swing back and forth quickly.  The maize bag is also called the slip bag.

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The Speed Bag

“In the boxing vernacular, the small, pear-shaped, leather bag that is attached by a swivel to a wooden platform is known by several names, including: the light bag, the striking bag, the express bag, and the speed bag.”

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Uppercut Bag

The uppercut bag is essentially a heavy bag that is mounted on a wall or sometimes a beam.  Usually the bag is mounted so that it is longer horizontally (as opposed to a normal heavy bag which is longer vertically because it is suspended vertically.)  As the name suggests, this bag is used for practicing uppercuts.  The way the bag is mounted allows for a boxer to hit the underside much more readily than with a normal heavy bag.

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