"An average fan needs an encyclopedia to figure [boxing] out."

- Showtime’s boxing boss, Ken Hershman 1

Many would be surprised to know that from 1930-1970 boxing rivaled baseball as America’s national pastime. Boxers like "Sugar" Ray Robinson even gave baseball players such as Hank Aaron legitimate competition for newspaper headlines and national intrigue.

Times have certainly changed. These days, a casual boxing fan could not even tell you the name of the reigning heavyweight champ. A lot of this has to do with the changes the sport has undergone since the mid 1970s. This site aims to end all the confusion surrounding the sport and be your best source for all things boxing. Whether you are interested in sports nutrition, learning how to box, following the champs or even learning about their lifestyles, we aim to cover all the bases. (No baseball pun intended!) With increased understanding of the sport and its related subjects, boxing has the chance to once again enter a Golden Age. 

Yours truly,

The Boxer 

A Message from The Boxer’s Girlfriend:

The electricity that emanates from a boxing ring during an important title fight is incomparable to any other sport. While team sports rely on a group effort, and any subsequent losses can be attributed to a number of players, boxers have no such luxury. The inescapable responsibility that a boxer shoulders with every move adds to the enjoyment—and thrill—of watching a boxing match. The fact that ringside observers can sit within mere inches of the action is unique to the sport: every toss of sweat and blood adds to the experience. Intrinsic to human nature is the need to see one man battle another, a true test of agility and strength. Boxing took off where popular archaic sports, such as gladiator combat, left off—while not as violent, boxing surely demonstrates the human desire to compete in a battle of will and might. A sport so unique in nature deserves more understanding, not to mention following. While team sports will always be enjoyable, boxing should be embraced for its captivating aesthetic. Through this site, we hope to introduce new people to the sport, re-captivate old fans, and keep current enthusiasts coming back for more.


The Boxer’s Girlfriend 

1. "10 Questions With Ken Hershman." KO Presents Boxing 2007 Volume 4, 2007: 16.

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