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If you’ve ever been to a boxing match, you’re aware that music plays a large part in the energy level of the arena.  From the entrance songs (sometimes with the actual artist performing) to the songs played during the one-minute rest periods, music helps to set the mood and get the crowd excited.  Most of the time, the music choice reflects the hip hop and pop songs of the day.  Every once in a while you’ll even get a quirky remix of a popular song for an entrance song that caters to the entering fighter (for example, take Bernard Hopkins’ version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” for his entrance before his revenge match against Roy Jones Jr.).  And so, a website devoted to all things boxing wouldn’t be complete without a section devoted to this sometimes overlooked, yet all-important factor.

The various subcategories in this section of Ask the Boxer will be devoted to the entrance songs utilized by various fighters, songs that make boxing references, and of course, songs performed by boxers themselves.  Enjoy!

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Entrance Songs

Here is a selection of well known entrance songs.

Thunderstruck - ACDC 

Arturo Gatti's entrance song.

Live Your Life - T.I. ft Rihanna 

Shane Mosley's entrance song before his huge upset of Antonio Margarito.

We Will Rock You - Queen

Manny Pacquiao’s entrance song before his huge upset of Oscar De La Hoya.

Straight To The Bank - 50 Cent

Floyd Mayweather’s entrance song before his fight with Oscar De La Hoya.

My Way - Frank Sinatra

Bernard Hopkin’s entrance song before he became the first person to KO Oscar De La Hoya.

Blue Moon - Supra

Ricky Hatton’s entrance song.

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