5) Guy time

Looking to meet an eligible bachelor?

Hitting up a bar or party that is showing a big boxing match is a surefire way to surround yourself with competitive and excited men.  While basketball or football tend to be the “background music” at a bar—a simple backdrop to the surrounding scene—boxing is super engaging, and leaves plenty of room for crowd interaction.  Plus, because there are only two people duking it out, remembering names will be easy.  Just cheering for the same boxer as the guy next to you supplies an instant bond and common ground.  Run with it!  Ask him if he bet on the fight and BOOM! You’ve already broken the ice.  And, because there probably won’t be many other girls watching, you’ll have your pick of the crowd!

4) Parties

Sick of the typical “wine and cheese” or “famous couples” parties?  Me too, and guys don’t really like them, either.  Order a fight on pay-per-view, buy an assortment of beer (perhaps the fighter’s favorites?) and have a good, old fashioned pig out: nachos, Buffalo wings, and pizza.  No more prissy parties.  Let your hair loose and scream for who you want to win!  Everyone can bet $5 and put it in a pot.  Winners take all!  These types of get-togethers alleviate stress and make both sexes feel comfortable.  You can still dim the lights and light a couple of candles for a feminine feel. 

3) It’s easier to understand

On a basic level, watching boxing is easier to understand than football, basketball, and other team sports (Is he on the floor bleeding?  Not good!)  No matter how many times I watch football, there’s always some new rule or exception that confuses me—and forget college ball!  Boxing is one-on-one and more followable from start to finish.  While I will always love football and baseball, I can now add boxing to my list of faves.

2) HBO’s 24/7 series

This show is a MUST WATCH.  It leads up to an upcoming match and gives major insight into the boxers’ personal lives: their families, relationships, struggles and successes.  It gives the viewer a glimpse of what makes a fighter tick.  It has the style and feel of an episode of Dateline, and acts as a sort of “Oscar de la Hoya for Dummies” (or whoever the featured boxer may be.)  There are multiple parts leading up to the actual fight, and they are absolutely critical for viewer motivation.

1) Hot, shirtless men!

There aren’t many sports where the men duke it out sweaty and shirtless!  They are in ideal physical condition and easy on the eyes!  Fighters such as Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather are considered heartthrobs to many women around the world.  See what all the hype is about, and discover your own favorite fighter.

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