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No Fair Shakes

Here's another guest post from The Bearded Poet. I love this stuff.

September 17, 2011
Floyd Mayweather Jr. def. Victor Ortiz via KO at 2:50 of Round 4
Floyd Mayweather Jr. retains WBC Welterweight Title

“No Fair Shakes…”

“You never give me a fair shake!”
Floyd shouted at Larry
As Merchant inquired
The punch void of parry

Ironic it seems
For the victimized Floyd
To turn such a phrase
After what he deployed

Ortiz went to shake
For his head-butting blow
And Floyd took advantage
To land a K.O.

But Floyd has a point
When you play for high stakes
A fight is a war-
If one gives, then one takes

And those mad at Floyd
For the shot he dispersed…
Imagine if each
Of their roles were reversed

If Victor had thrown
At an imprudent Floyd,
I sense many viewers
Would not be annoyed

In fact, they might cheer
They might scream and might shout
“Protect at all times!
That’s what boxing’s about!”

As dirty as ‘Money’
May seem for his views,
Just think what you’d think
If he wore Victor’s shoes

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