Another guest post by the Bearded Poet...

After repeated attempts at securing a Super Fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao dissolved over drug testing discrepancies, Pacquiao moved on to fight Antonio Margarito for the vacant WBC Super Welterweight Title.  Pacquiao fractured Margarito’s orbital bone in route to a unanimous decision victory, claiming a world title in his eighth weight class.

November 13, 2010
Manny Pacquiao def. Antonio Margarito by Unanimous Decision
120-108, 118-110, 119-109

“Money Pacquiao”

If Pac-Man is money
Then “Money” ain’t Floyd
‘Cuz Floyd’s current battle
Is one with steroids

Not even a blood test
A week from the fight,
Including right after,
Could quell Weather’s fright

But Floyd isn’t scared,
Or at least he protests,
He claims he’s the greatest
The best of the best!

“The best of the best!”
Says a record that’s broke-
With each passing day
It sounds more like a joke

There’s one common thread
Linking Pac-Man to Floyd-
Pac’s hunted the fighters
That Floyd would avoid

An issue divided
Is closing its gap-
The crevice shrinks smaller
With each Pac-Man scrap

But I’d be scared too
To be forced in the ring
Across from the sport’s
Current pound-4-pound king

So what are Floyd’s options?
I’d say he has three-
The third choice sounds crazy
But let’s wait and see

The first two are simple-
It’s fight or it’s flight-
We all want the first
Though I doubt Floyd will bite

The third path is tricky
But follow my thought
‘Cuz Floyd plays a game
That his upbringing taught

What if Floyd’s antics,
Which threaten with jail,
Were building a boat
Upon which he could sail?

Cocooned in a prison
He couldn’t be blamed,
Instead of a beating
He’d rather feel shamed

In line with a defense
His boxing has shown,
He’d slander his image
To stay on his throne
And during this stint
His last fight years would fly-
Upon his release
He’d bid boxing goodbye

While images fade
Records stain with their print,
Since print runs forever
While memories sprint

And each passing day
He would gather more sway-
“I’ve NEVER been beat!”
He would say, say, and say

Is this what will happen?
I really don’t know…
But Floyd understands
How to keep his L’s, “Oh’s”

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