Something new this week and for the next few weeks dear readers--below is a guest post from The Bearded Poet.  This kid writes sports poems, which are actually pretty awesome.  I'm no poetry expert, but I've found the boxing poems I've read (including the following one) to be really funny.  He's in the process of getting his own website set up:  He typically writes the poems 1-3 days following the event to keep the ideas as fresh and uninfluenced as possible, however, in order to build up traction in advance of his website's official launch, he has asked me to share some of his older work.  Here goes...

On September 19th, 2009, Welterweight (147 lbs.) Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought Lightweight (135 lbs.) titleholder Juan Manuel Marquez at a catch weight of 144 pounds.  In an effort to minimize the weight disparity, the contract stipulated a $300,000 fine for each pound weighed-in over the 144-limit.

September 19, 2009
Floyd Mayweather Jr. def. Juan Manuel Marquez by Unanimous Decision
120-107, 119-108, 118-109

“The Weighting Game”

The ink slowly dried
On a contract that forged
A clashing of fighters
At one-fourty-four

But Marquez was lightweight
And had to grow bigger
To combat Floyd Mayweather’s
Welterweight figure

When weigh-ins arrived
The Marq tried his best
To hit the weight limit
But weighed two pounds less

And “Pretty Boy” Floyd
Tipped the scales that same day
With two extra pounds
Costing $600K

Two pounds isn’t huge,
But four pounds is double,
And after hydration
The difference spells trouble

Unbothered to pay
The small fine for his pounds
Floyd pummeled the lightweight
For twelve mismatched rounds

Though give the man credit
His fight choice was wise
But next time please pick
On a fighter your size

~ The Bearded Poet

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