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Looking around the sporting world, we (the founders of Cubed Circle Media, LLC) were disappointed to observe that over the past decade interest in boxing had slowly and steadily deteriorated.  The lower level of interest was tangible across all strata of society.  Cheering fans were replaced with empty seats while front page stories were degraded to back page blurbs.  All manner of media coverage declined and talk in bars drifted to other topics.  In the wake of the exodus from boxing, unqualified reporters began to write inaccurate stories and the rich history of boxing lost its place in the minds of sports fans everywhere. 


We created Ask The Boxer to address and reverse this sad trend.  We aim to correct all the misinformation being spread by less informed reporters and in so doing, hope to bring boxing back from the depths.  We won’t pretend to be perfect in our reporting or boxing knowledge, but you can bet the house that we will try our damnedest attempting to be.  Why?  Because we love the sport, admire its participants, and think that it deserves to regain its stature as a staple of mainstream consciousness.  We truly believe that by bridging the information gap between the public and the sport, we can play a large part in setting the stage for boxing to enter another renaissance period.





Cubed Circle?  What’s that?


For some time now, boxing commentators and sports writers have described the gladiatorial arena where boxers battle as “the squared circle.”  Long-term, we believe that our efforts can help boxing improve by leaps and bounds.  We pledge that through our own version of blood, sweat, and tears, improvement will be exponential.  Hence, we will facilitate boxing’s evolution from just a mathematical square of normal entertainment… to a cube of it.





The Founders

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