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Nonito Donaire vs. Jeffrey Mathebula, Kelly Pavlik vs. Will Rosinsky

Heading out West again (although not to Vegas).

This weekend at the Home Depot Center, I'll be watching Nonito Donaire take on Jeffrey Mathebula and Kelly Pavlik continue his comeback against Will Rosinsky.  I've actually got complimentary tickets from Nonito so I'm pretty pumped as they should be good seats.  I have a few quick thoughts on the fights.

Donaire vs. Mathebula - I like Nonito to win, although there is a scenario where I can see this as being a competitive fight.  This may be the first time that Nonito isn't the taller guy and Mathebula did hold the well-regarded Celestino Caballero to a split decision.  Mathebula's other opponents haven't exactly been name guys but that one credential may give you pause before taking Nonito at 17-1 odds.  I wouldn't recommend a bet on the fight at that level.  If you want to gamble, however, it's probably best to take Nonito by KO.

Pavlik vs. Rosinsky - Rosinsky has never been stopped (and I think he has only been down once), but I actually like Pavlik by stoppage here.  Again, they are still rehabbing Kelly's career/reputation so for the time being his handlers aren't planning on putting him in with opponents that he won't look good against.  I do think Rosinsky is a tougher opponent than his previous one, Scott Sigmon, but I still don't like his chances.

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