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Ward vs. Froch

Back to Atlantic City for this...

Where do I start?  This is going to be an awesome fight.

I was originally uber confident about taking Andre Ward here.  However, in the aftermath of the Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson fight, something Antonio Tarver said has stuck in my mind.  To paraphrase, Tarver said that perhaps Froch's chin will be the "X Factor" here.  I was at the Froch vs. Johnson fight, and despite my inebriated state, I remember being impressed with Froch's ability to withstand some very clean right hands from Johnson.  Johnson probably has more pop on his punches than Ward, and I think Carl understands this and believes he can just walk through everything that Ward throws.  This may be the case, but it doesn't necessarily imply that he will win the fight.  Andre still has the skill advantage here.  However, a foe who can continue to move forward despite anything that is thrown at him is always a very live underdog (see Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito I, Miguel Acosta vs. Brandon Rios, or Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido).

Let's be clear.  Not only does Froch have an amazing level of confidence as well as an extremely hot girlfriend (fiancee / wife?), but he is also an excellent fighter.  Froch is much more skilled and versatile than most people give him credit for.  For a guy who acts like an all-around tough guy, Carl can actually be quite slick when it comes to his boxing.  Unfortunately, he’s going up against quite possibly one of the best technicians in the sport.  I consider Ward’s ability to be among the very best (i.e. on the level of a prime Bernard Hopkins, Juan Manuel Marquez, etc.).  The man can fight southpaw just as well as he can fight orthodox!

I see Ward befuddling Froch with his inside fighting.  Carl doesn't seem to know how to fight inside or at least has a very strong preference against it.  Ward as we know, excels in multiple fighting styles and is extremely proficient on the inside (see his bout against Allan Green).  Assuming no mishaps in which the referee prevents any sort of inside fighting (think Joe Cortez’s refereeing of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton fight), I think Ward keeps this on the inside and wins a decision.

Ward can beat Froch from the outside as well, but he probably knows he can make it easier for himself by just sticking to inside fighting.

Prediction: Ward by decision.

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