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Khan vs. Peterson

Planning on seeing this fight in DC, but I’m still debating whether to take the bus or the train…

However, I’m pretty clear on who I think wins this fight.  I’m going with Amir Khan over Lamont Peterson in a clear decision or even a stoppage.
This one is pretty simple.  Skills pay the bills and speed kills.  Khan seems to have the edge in skills and definitely has the advantage in speed.  These two factors should lead to a very clear outcome.

There’s obviously one factor here that should give gamblers a certain degree of pause—remember that Khan’s chin is still questionable.  Amir unfortunately doesn’t seem to react very well to getting hit flush.  However, Khan’s competition since he was stopped by Breidis Prescott has been generally composed of lighter punchers (save Marcos Maidana obviously).  Not to be cynical, but I think he’s being managed very well and that his opponents have all been “hand-picked”.  Look at some of his more recent fights.  “Name” guys who aren’t really punchers.  (See Andriy Kotelnyk, Dmitry Salita, PAULIE MALIGNAGGI, etc.).  Peterson is just the next recognizable name on the agenda.

Nothing against Khan or anything.  I just think that this is one of those situations where the business aspect of boxing is more evident than is usually the case.  Khan is a popular fighter who hasn’t yet reached his earning peak; there’s no reason to put him in overly competitive situations, especially when he’s on the short list of potential Floyd Mayweather, Jr. opponents.

I see Amir’s jab giving Lamont all sorts of problems.  The in-and-out fighting style used by Khan and common among Freddie Roach fighters (see Manny Pacquiao) will potentially also be a stylistic problem for Lamont.  Victor Ortiz incorporated a bit of this in the early rounds of his bout against Peterson to great effect as he scored two knockdowns in round 3.

Prediction: Amir Khan in a clear decision or stoppage win over Lamont Peterson.

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