Let’s get serious here—Omar Narvaez has very few (if any) advantages over Nonito Donaire.

In terms of physical attributes, Donaire has all the advantages.  He is 5’7 to Navaez’s 5’3 and Narvaez has never fought at bantamweight before while Nonito has a number of bantamweight bouts under his belt.  Translation: Nonito has both the height and overall size advantage.  Moreover, Omar is 36 years old compared to Nonito’s 26.

In terms of punching power, Narvaez has 9 more fights under his belt, yet only 1 more KO.  That combined with the fact that his KOs have all come in the division below or lower lead me to believe that Nonito is the bigger puncher by far.  I doubt Narvaez can put a dent in Donaire who has been in the ring with far bigger punchers such as Vic Darchinyan and Fernando Montiel.  Conversely, based on Nonito’s two KOs of these fighters, he should no problem hurting Omar.  Keep in mind that Darchinyan and Montiel were never stopped outside of their bouts with Nonito and these guys have been in with a number of different fighters around the bantamweight division.

In terms of experience, Narvaez may have more fights, but he has never fought on American soil.  Furthermore, he has never been in a “big” fight.  Granted, the Theater at Madison Square Garden isn’t exactly the MGM Grand Garden Area, but I’d venture to say this is bigger than anything Omar has been in to date.

I’ve mentioned previously that I don’t think Nonito has any real competition at 118 or even 122 for that matter.  In fact, I don’t believe he runs into any real problems until he potentially moves up to 126 (where I believe Yuriorkis Gamboa and maybe even Juan Manuel Lopez beat him).   Unfortunately for Narvaez, his name is neither Yuriorkis Gamboa or Juan Manuel Lopez…

I’m taking Nonito to win and throwing a kicker on a KO victory. 

Note to readers: I’ll also be hanging out with the champ during his after-party so I might be a bit biased…

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