I wasn't planning on putting up an official prediction for this, but here are my last minute thoughts on tonight's Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah fight...

Honestly, my first impression and primary recommendation is that gamblers should stay on the sidelines for this bout.  There are two reasons for this.  First, Khan's chin is such a liability that it is just tough to get comfortable taking him to win almost any fight without some sort of straddle.  Second, Zab is totally unpredictable.  As the past has shown, everything from his personal life, his training habits, and his resolve in the ring can range from commendable to frustrating.  As avid gamblers know, if only one assumption doesn't hold, that may be enough to lose your bet.  In this case, we have two very shaky items to make assumptions about (i.e. Khan's chin will hold up and Judah actually trained well and is going into this fight with the right mindset.).

However, if you put a gun to my head and forced me to predict a winner, I would take Zab by stoppage.  The momentum that he has early in fights seems to be enough to take Khan out of there early.  In the first 3-4 rounds with Mayweather, Zab was wiping the floor with Floyd and even had an uncalled knockdown against him.  In the early going against Miguel Cotto, Zab had Cotto shaky on his feet from an uppercut.  This leads to the joke about Zab being the "best 4 round fighter in the world."  He rarely loses the first few rounds, however, he is also notorious for falling apart down the stretch.  If this fight goes late, Amir takes it.  If it ends early, I would have to go with Zab.

If I were to recommend a gambling play, I would take Zab by KO (possibly in 6 rounds depending on the odds you can get) , straddled by Khan by decision.  I just don't see Khan finishing Zab who has been the distance with Lucas Matthysse and Mayweather.

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