Just as in boxing, knowing the fundamentals is the key to success in betting.  For that reason, this article covering the basics will span several pages.  Being an ex-boxer, I have much more insight than the average boxing fan into what factors REALLY matter in picking a winner.  In order of importance, they are 1) skill, 2) speed, 3) endurance, 4) chin, 5) heart, 6) size, and 7) strength.  Let's go into these areas in more detail.


If a boxer is clearly technically superior to his opponent, he should easily win the day.  Consider Ali, who at the later stages of his career could still win against younger, better conditioned opponents.  

Let's get this straight early-on.  BOXING IS A SKILL SPORT.  Tough guys who go to a boxing gym for the first time are astonished when they first learn how to move in a ring and throw punches.  They don't realize how awkward it is to move correctly without crossing their feet or how throwing a proper hook requires learned coordination of the entire body to avoid coming off balance.  Casual fans also don't realize how extremely difficult it is to connect cleanly with a punch.  Some new fighters spend MONTHS, "finding their range."  This is the process of understanding the distance between you and your opponent.  In the initial sparring sessions of a new fighter, you will see the new fighter throw punches that end up very short of their opponents face.  This is because most people new to boxing misjudge distance and mistakenly believe that someone is close enough to hit.

Those are illustrations of learning BASIC boxing skills.  Imagine how much harder it is to learn and master advanced boxing skills such as counter-punching and fighting off the back foot.  Now think about how much of a disadvantage a journeyman level fighter is compared to a contender level fighter.  Now you should see why the boxing old-timers constantly repeat the refrain: "Skills pay the bills."

For purposes of this discussion, skill includes both fundamental boxing skills, ring smarts, AND experience.

Check out these books for more information on boxing techniques and the various strategies that can be employed in the ring:

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