An Over / Under Bet is a type of proposition bet or “prop bet.”  A prop bet usually refers to a wager that is not directly dependent on who is going to win or lose.  Here you will bet on how long the fight will last.

An Over / Under Bet is the second most popular way to bet on boxing.   The bookie chooses a round, say the 9th round.  You can bet that the match ends before that point (because of a KO, TKO, headbutt, etc.) or after.  Something to note is that it doesn’t matter who wins or how, just that it ended when you bet that it would.  For instance, if you think Kelly Pavlik is going to knock out his next opponent before the 9th round, you can place an Under bet.  However, even if Kelly gets knocked out before the 9th round instead of his opponent, you still win.  I tend to use this type of bet when I’m not too big of a fan of either fighter, yet I know that both boxers are heavy hitters.  

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