This section will discuss the different ways that fans can gamble on boxing bouts.  But first, let’s start with a short primer on boxing odds.

Boxing betting uses Money Line odds.  Money Line odds are also called American Odds.  Money Line odds usually display numbers next to each boxer’s name.  The boxer with the negative (-) number has been set as the favorite and the one with the positive (+) number has been set as the underdog.  A negative (-) number means that you must bet that amount to win $100.  A positive (+) number means that you win that amount for every $100 bet. 


  • Muhammad Ali -500
  • Mike Tyson +400 
In this fantasy bout, bettors who wager on Ali will have to risk $500 dollars in order to win $100 dollars, while bettors who bet on Tyson would wager $100 dollars to win $400 dollars. 

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