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“I know that this is going to be a moneymaker from the get-go.”

- Bob Arum, Top Rank’s CEO and Founder

Most boxing spectators understand that during a match, everything from a boxer’s pride to his health are at stake.  However, one aspect that the casual fan may be oblivious to is the enormous amount of money at stake during a boxing event.  After all, boxing is a highly lucrative business.  A good show can earn promoters, managers, venues, and other hangers-on heaps of money.  On top of all this, consider the vast amounts of money collected through betting on big fights.  Make no mistake; there are huge sums of money to be made in the fight game.

Here we will discuss everything from the deal making that occurs before every boxing match to how a bookie earns his keep.  Understanding the business of boxing will help you better understand the sport itself, and may even get you a piece of the pie.

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