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Johnson vs. Green

On the undercard to the Lopez vs. Marquez fight, we have Glen Johnson vs. Allan Green.  I’m picking the favorite here folks.  This one is easy.  In Green’s last fight against Andre Ward, we learned unequivocally that Green can’t fight on the inside.  Ward exposed Green’s terrible inside game by winning all 12 rounds in an inside fighting clinic.  Johnson excels at fighting in the pocket, and while clearly not as skilled as Ward, his ability to fight for extended periods of time while in your face will be more than enough to beat Green.  Skills pay the bills, as they say.  Johnson’s pressure will ensure that this fight will be fought on the inside.  Once inside, the fight is Johnson’s.

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Lopez vs. Marquez

This holiday season has several very enticing opportunities to make money by picking the underdog.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing some of my thoughts on these bouts.  Today, we start with the November 6 bout between Juan Manuel Lopez and Rafael Marquez. 

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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Preliminary Thoughts and Analysis

Ahh, the BIG ONE.  The bout that everyone has been talking about— boxing fans and casual observers alike.  The fight for mythical pound-for-pound supremacy.

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